A fiscal solution

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solutionDuring the introduction of fiscalization (or any other modification of laws), the biggest burden and responsibility lies on the programmers who must adapt cash register and office software to new legal changes.

Significant software modifications are bound to cause errors which can only be fixed after a long testing period. Service Plus IT has, based on its experience from three countries and four different fiscal laws, created a solution aimed at quick and flawless cash register integration.
Simply put, they have created a printer driver which, apart from printing functions, also features fiscal functions. The cash register software sends a receipt to the printer, without having any knowledge or notion of fiscalization. The fiscal printer driver, after receiving the receipt data, contacts the Tax Administration, and prints the ZKI and JIR numbers on the receipt.

The fact that over 800 cash registers in Croatia use this solution today is more than enough proof that it is a unique and successful solution. Using this solution are such chain stores as Peek & Cloppenburg, Metro, Deichmann, New Yorker Croatia, C&A, Takko, Diona-Dinova, NTL and others.