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The Tax Administration is starting a national TV and radio campaign, and a prize competition with the motto „BEZ RAČUNA SE NE RAČUNA" ("IT DOESN'T COUNT WITHOUT THE RECEIPT"). The campaign will last during the entire year of 2013.

The main goal of the campaign is to inform the Croatian citizens about the importance of taking the receipt after each payment, because it is the only guarantee that their honestly-earned money will end up in the national budget.

On Saturday, 9 February 2013, the Croatian national television will begin broadcasting the Tax Administration's educational and informational video. In order to stimulate the citizens to take their receipts, the prize contest "IT DOESN'T COUNT WITHOUT THE RECEIPT" will commence on 9 February 2013, in which every participant who collects 20 fiscal receipts issued after 1 February 2013 will compete for three individual prizes in four prize draws. The competition is organized by Croatian Lottery, and sponsored by the Finance Ministry, Tax Administration.

The total prize fund is 180,000.00 kunas (24,000.00 €).

More details are available in the official rules of the competition: