Description of the means of payment

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kovanice-knThe Tax Administration has issued an official explanation for Article 2, paragraph 5 of the Cash Transaction Fiscalization Act, means of payment.

The means of payment for receipts which are delivered using XML format to the Tax Administration must contain one of the label combinations (G - cash, K - card, C - cheque, T - transaction account, O - other).

On the receipt, other text can be stated as a means of payment. The allowed means of payment labels are:

NovĨanica (bill)
NovĨanica i kovanice (bill and coins)
Kovanica (coin)
Gotovina (cash)

All of the above labels must be marked in the XML format as G - cash.
It is also allowed to state additional information about the means of payment, for example: "Card, Maestro" or "Card, Diners", etc. The XML format label must be K-card.