Bars and restaurants report a 36% larger turnover than last year

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After positive fiscalization results for January 2013, the Tax Administration is content with the February results.
Natural persons, mostly bar and restaurant owners, have declared a turnover of 111,842,692.16 kunas (14,772,086.15 €) for February 2012, while the reported turnover for February 2013 equals 152,246,537.88 kunas (20,111,827.99 €), which is an increase of 36.15% in relation to the same period of last year.

The comparison of minor legal person turnovers has also shown good results. Their reported turnover for February 2012 was 149,284,136.30 kunas (19,720,493.57 €), while the reported turnover for February 2013 was 182,911,644.30 kunas (24,162,700.70 €), which is an increase of 22.53% in comparison to last year.
It should be noted that the turnover difference was measured on a sample of 3,121 natural persons and 1,294 minor legal persons where the Tax Administration had overseen the application of the Cash Transactions Fiscalization Act.
As the Tax Administration oversight has become more strict, and as the inspectors will be doing even more intensive inspections of fiscalization subjects, better results are expected for the upcoming months regarding the repression of grey economy and bringing order to the cash market. The effect should be even greater after 1 July, when fiscalization becomes mandatory for all subjects.