Fiscal web store

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If you are a bar or restaurant owner in Croatia, you know everything there is to know about fiscalization, and if you are an employee in the IT business, you probably know what it is about.

But, what is the situation when a web store is your business? The introduction of order to this segment of doing business is justified and logical. However, the question is if there is any point to it. The Fiscalization Act prescribes that all forms of payment, except for transaction payments, must be fiscalized. It can be said that each business has one way to pay for its goods or services, and it can either be cash or all other means of payment (cards, cheques, etc.).

Web-stores might be specific and unique in their business because cash payment is impossible, and all payment is done using cards. Card payment oversight is simple to the state, and there simply is no way for the web stores to hide their actual turnover and commit tax evasion. However, regardless of the fact that actual cash is not involved, and that everything is paid for using cards and bank accounts, you will nevertheless have to connect your web store with the fiscalization system and you will have to fiscalize every single receipt you issue.

The companies offering web store services will have to adapt to the new legislature in Croatia. It is fairly possible that some individuals who use foreign web store or web payment services will be unable to implement fiscalization and will thus be forced to switch to another web store service provider.

It is clear that doing business on the Internet will become more technically complex and more expensive due to fiscalization.