Slow preparations for fiscalization

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Domestic software companies in Croatia claim that they get less than ten orders for new cash registers and new law-compatible software installations per day. Thousands of bar and restaurant owners, small business owners and craftsmen have shown almost no interest in acquiring cash registers, despite Finance Minister Slavko Linic's announcement that they will have to be operational by the start of 2013. Croatian IT companies claim it is questionable if such a large number of software and hardware installations can be done in such a short period.

The introduction of stricter control of cash transactions will not be done using classic cash registers; subjects will have to use an Internet connection over which every receipt, before being issued, will be registered in the Tax Administration's system and get a unique ID (JIR). It is estimated that for acquisition of newer computers and software, for creating a digital link to the Tax Administration, and for an unique FINA ID, business owners will have to spend at least 400€.

It is a known fact that most bar and restaurant owners, small business owners and craftsmen own antiquated cash register models which do not have Internet capability, nor can they receive software updates which would render them fully compatible with the new Law. That is why there is a concern whether or not all subjects to fiscalization will enter the year 2013 completely prepared. For those who remain unprepared, fines will be very high, ranging from 1,400 € to 67,000 €.

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