Fiscalisation is here!

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zalisevskij-thThe 4th Croatian retail IT summit had the upcoming fiscalisation as its main topic. Covering legal and technical aspects, the conference was a great opportunity for retailers to discuss all aspects of the fiscalisation.
Already in its 4th year, the leading regional retailers and the leading providers of IT solutions were coming together to discuss all aspects of modern retailing. The solutions, technologies and concepts were in the focus of this traditional conference. But not only trends and future of the IT in retail were discussed, the actual subjects also were of major interest.

4-kroatische-retail-summit4. kroatischer Retail IT Summit

This year the summit was superimposed by the upcoming fiscalisation law in Croatia.
Already at the beginning of the conference, Mrs. Marijana Vuraić Kudeljan, Assistant Director of Tax Administration presented the legal aspects of the fiscalisaion. Additionally Mrs. Marijana Vuraić Kudeljan gave an overview of all regulations which are in discussion. Even more she presented what can be expected in the near future. This was a great way to give the official view of the government to the participants of the summit.

slide-presentationPresentation shown by Mrs. Marijana Vuraić Kudeljan at 4th Croatian Retail IT Summit

The legal and business related aspect is just one of the challenges which are nowadays hot topics in Croatia. The other big issue is the technical implementation of the fiscal requirements. Although the fiscal requirements are logical and not too complicated, the technical implementation can become very complex. This is especially the case in large infrastructures with many stores.
Mr. Roland Zalisevskij from Service Plus presented exactly this aspect of the the fiscalisation. Before he presented potential architectures and technical solutions, he showed an overview of the technical implementations in the region.

zalisevskijHerr Roland Zalisevskij presentierte technische Aspekte der Fiskalisierung

Countries like Serbia, Bosnia or Albania were used as examples, to compare different technical approaches. After that introduction he c focused on the technical analysis of the needed solutions on side of the Croatian government and on side of the retailer. By explaining the architecture of possible solutions and by presenting the functions which are not directly required but are definitely needed, he finished his presentation.

slide-presentation-1Possible technical implementation of the Croatian fiscal requirements

In both cases, means after the presentation of the legal and business related aspects and after the presentation of possible technical implementations, the participants of the summit had detailed discussions.

Besides such presentations and in order to make the process of fiscalisation easier for everybody, the Croatian government established several sources of information and support services. For all official questions related to the legal or business related subjects, the following email address can be used: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In case of technical questions as presented by Service Plus, the following email address can be used: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.