The Fiscalization Act passes the vote, to be enacted on 1 January 2013!

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The Final proposal of the Act was sent to the Parliament after having been accepted at the Government session of 8 November 2012.

A long discussion about the Cash Transaction Fiscalization Act has been finalized in the Croatian Parliament, and concluded on 21 November 2012. The Act passed the vote during the Sixth session on 23 November 2012 with 80 Yeas, 2 Nays, and 32 Abstains.

The SDP (Social Democrat Party) representatives have accepted the Act without any objections. The IDS (Istrian Democratic Forum) representative Damir Kajin was "amazed" by the financial discipline he witnessed in Austria, where he rarely got a receipt at ski-lodges, restaurants and bars, regardless of the good percentage of tax collection in that country. According to him, it is clear that Croatia needs this law, so the IDS representatives voted in its favour.

An objection by the representatives was that the introduction of fiscalization was going to cost the taxpayers about 75 million Euro. Their estimate was that it would cost individuals about 1,500 Euro to introduce fiscalization in their businesses, which was significantly more than the Finance Minister had claimed.

The provision stating that the payment of receipts in cash will be limeted to 5,000 kuna (675 Euro) received a lot of criticism by some representatives.

The question was made as to why the payment of road and highway tolls will not be fiscalized, and if it had anything to do with favouring the future concession holders who will buy the management rights to our highways.

The Bar Association also expressed their objections against the fiscalization of legal services.

The technical part of the Fiscalization Act is being improved on a daily basis. As of yesterday, a new file has been made available - - which is now available in its third version. This version features the modified limits regarding the amount and the tax rate. The test service for receiving data will start operating according to "Fiskalizacija-WSDL_v1.1.2" as of Thursday, 22 November 2012, after 17:00 hours.