Production applicative certificates now available for download

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FINA has started issuing the production applicative certificates on 26 November 2012. As the download procedure for the new certificates is different from the demo certificate procedure, the Prescribed procedure for applicative fiscalization certificates should be completely adhered to.

All fiscalization subjects are required, for the purpose of implementing cash transaction fiscalization, to acquire a production applicative certificate which will be used in the fiscalization procedure to electronically sign receipt elements and to identify the fiscalization subject during electronic data interchange.

The IT company implementing the subject's fiscalization system cannot acquire a production applicative certificate in his name, i.e. the production certificate must be requested by the fiscalization subject himself. If necessary, the authorized person (e.g. the managing director) can give the power of custody to a person which is not the employee of his firm (e.g. an employee of the IT company which is in charge of implementing the subject's fiscalization system), who could, in that case, acquire the certificate on behalf of the fiscalization subject.

The instructions for acquiring a certificate and all required documents and forms are located at the FINA website.