Bar wouldn't issue a receipt to the Finance Minister

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Slavko Linić, the Croatian Finance Minister, has expressed his annoyance with an incident that happened to him recently. "Three days ago, they wouldn't issue me a receipt in a Zagreb bar, which shows how irresponsible people are". He did not disclose the name of the bar in which the incident happened, nor did he report the case to the Tax Administration.

"There is no reason to delay the application of the Fiscalization Act, which starts on 1 January 2013", the Finance Minister said on Tuesday. He added that there was enough time for the fiscalization subjects to get ready, as the public discussion had lasted for six months. According to him, the argument that it will pose a financial burden to the subjects is not valid, because the total individual costs will be between 1,500 and 2,000 kunas, and some companies have even offered their products with 200 kuna monthly payment plans.

"The argument that a lot of restaurant and bar owners will lose their businesses is often used, but the Tax Administration is just following the public opinion which agrees that it isn't fair that some people pay taxes while others don't, and that the grey economy should be rooted out, regardless of the consequences", said the Tax Administration Director Nada Čavlović Smiljanec.

She went on to say that the inspectors would start with their inspections in early January, but that there will be no repression in the first round of inspections.

"In February, there will be another round of inspections, and we will start issuing fines and closing down the objects which do not adhere to the law", said Čavlović Smiljanec. Slavko Linić pointed out that VAT on food and drinks will be reduced from 25 per cent to 10 per cent, which will drive down retail prices, but also bar and restaurant prices.

Out of 23,000 fiscalization subjects, only 8,700 have purchased fiscal cash registers thus far.