Modified layout for receipts paid using bank transactions

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According to the Fiscalization Act, the Income Tax subjects are required to change the layout of their receipts even if they do not do business with cash, i.e. if they use any means of payment (Section III - Receipt contents, Article 9, paragraph 2). The only difference is that these subjects are not required to display the ZKI and JIR numbers on their receipts (Section III - Receipt contents, Article 9, paragraph 3).

All fiscalization subjects (Section II - Fiscalization subject; Article 3) are required to adapt the receipt contents for the purpose of fiscalization, including the numbering sequence, create an internal act regarding their business premises and the rule of receipt numbering (this internal act does not have to be delivered to the Tax Administration, it must be kept on business premises), and display a warning label regarding the issuing and receiving of receipts. These actions are mandatory for all business activities, apart from those which are exempt from fiscalization, as stated in Article 5 of the Act.
The company that makes its turnover in wholesale or similarly, by receiving payments via bank account transactions, is also a fiscalization subject and must adapt its business. The text TRANSAKCIJSKI RAČUN (TRANSACTION RECEIPT) must be stated as the mode of payment.
The following are the required modifications as defined in Section II - Receipt contents, Article 9, paragraph 1:
1. Receipt number, uninterrupted sequence
2. Time of issuing (hour and minute)
3. Operator (person) ID on the cash register
4. Receipt payment mode, transaction receipt
An additional modification in the receipt is also the receipt counter, defined in Section III - Receipt contents, Article 11, paragraphs 1, 2, and 3
Every subject that uses transaction receipts in their business must modify the layout of their receipts.