The customers are the tax police

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The Tax Administration sees every issued receipt over the Internet connection and assigns it a JIR - a unique receipt ID. The customers can verify their receipt using either the JIR or the ZKI number. 

Enter either the ZKI or the JIR and wait for a response by the Tax Administration.

Here you can see the information which must be entered.

Example of a verified receipt which is valid. (In this case, a Diona-Dinova receipt.)
Example of a receipt which has not been registered by the Tax Administration. (In this case, a Croatian Post receipt.)

If a receipt is irregular, report it to the Tax Administration!

Tax Administration Director Nada Čavlović-Smiljanec has tried to explain exactly in what way the citizens who report irregularities will be rewarded.

"When a person collects at least 20 receipts, he/she will send it to the Tax Administration, where the envelopes will be put in a prize draw. The first reward will be 20 thousand kunas (2,670 €), the second 15 thousand (2,030 €), and the third 10 thousand (1,350 €)", the Tax Administration Director explained, adding that citizens can report the receipts which haven't been sent in for fiscalization either via SMS or the Tax Administration official website. "We plan to make an income due to fiscalization up to the amount of one billion kunas", explained Čavlović-Smiljanec, adding that it means there should be no problems regarding the rewards fund.