Fiscal notice for the customers

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pozor-fiskalizacijaIn Narodne novine stores (the Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia) it is possible to buy notice stickers which must be displayed in stores in a spot visible to customers.

The notice reads:
According to the Cash Transactions Fiscalization Act, the seller is required to issue a receipt...
... and the buyer is required to take the receipt and hold it upon leaving the store.
Failure to issue or take a receipt is punishable according to law.
"It doesn't count without a receipt"

The Ministry of Finance
Tax Administration

The Cash Transactions Fiscalization Act states:

Receipt notice
Article 25
(1) The fiscalization subject is required to display, on all electronic cash registers or other visible places within the (indoor) business premises, the notice of obligation of issuing receipts and of the customer's obligation to take and keep the issued receipt.

Article 35
(1) The fiscalization subject shall be fined not less than 5,000.00 (657.00 €) nor more than 500,000.00 kunas (6579.00 €) if they:
8. do not display the notice about the obligation of issuing receipts and the buyer's obligation to take and keep the issued receipt in their business premises on each cash register or other visible place (Article 25).

It is our recommendation that you buy the notice sticker as soon as possible. The price of one sticker is 6.00 kunas (0.78 €).