Ordinance on Cash Transaction Fiscalization

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The Ordinance on Cash Transaction Fiscalization was published in "Narodne novine" n.146/12. Due to the short deadline by which the fiscalization project had to be realized, in order to facilitate and make possible the technical realization of the fiscalization process from 1 January 2013, the Tax Administration drafted a user technical document which is now in its 1.2 version, before the Finance Minister Slavko Linić was able to draft a fiscalization Ordinance based on the final version of the Act.

The standard procedure is the following: passing an Act, publishing an Ordinance, drafting technical documentation.

In the case of fiscalization, the following sequence took place: drafting technical documentation, passing the Act, publishing the Ordinance.

The Ordinance on Cash Transaction Fiscalization is the fundamental legal document on the basis of which the User Technical Specification was created.