Inspectors in the field

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Since the fiscalization system was started on 27 December 2012 at 10 o'clock, until today, the citizens have send 179 SMS messages to verify fiscal receipts. In the same period, 14,154 fiscal receipts were verified over the Internet.
Details of the prize competition are available in our article "The customers are the tax police".
According to the data of APIS IT, the company in charge of technical implementation of fiscalization.

As it has been seven days since the Cash Transaction Fiscalization Act came into force, the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration will start doing inspections on 8 January 2013 of those fiscalization subjects who were obligated to implement fiscalization on 1 January 2013.

Based on the provisions of the Fiscalization Act, the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration will issue an injunction against doing further business and seal the business premises of those fiscalization subjects for which irregularities will have been found, until the irregularities have been resolved.

In case the irregularities are resolved during the course of the inspection, the fiscalization subject can resume his business activities without interruption.